Pre-school Testimonials

Pre-school fun!
Pre-school fun!

"We love our dancing Fridays. Felix enjoys dancing like a dinosaur, playing with his friends and showing off his new moves in the disco! Ana has such enthusiasm for the children making sure they are having lots of fun while learning lots of new skills. I love that Felix gets to earn skills medals as his technique improves and he sees a reward for his efforts!" 

Charlotte - Felix’s Mum

"My eldest daughter started at Anamal dance when she was two and although she was a bit shy in the first weeks she soon came to love it. We had fun together and her confidence grew. The classes are varied, engaging and run by an experienced professional who understands little ones and puts parents at ease. The stay and play session afterwards with a cuppa for parents is a bonus! Alice even had an amazing 3rd birthday party at Anamal dance. She continued to dance through lockdown on zoom and even won a much cherished rainbow medal. 

I was delighted that the classes were up and running again for my second daughter and I to attend this term and can already see her confidence growing.


Thank you Anna and your wonderful team!"

Jo Carver